January 12, 2008

Portrait Restoration 2008

finished Jan. 24

update Jan. 23

I wanted to create a satin or silk effect, but realize that I'd choosen the wrong paper for it. Should have used Bristol smooth, instead of Stonehenge. Oh well, this portrait has been a learning experience from the beginning anyway, and I am glad for the mistakes. After all, that's how we learn....right....well, that's my story anyway, and I am sticking to it ;-)

update Jan. 21

the brooch from the original is impossible to identify, so I ended up creating her a new one. I am still debating if I should make the blouse black, or a lighter shade.

update Jan. 19
did a little more refining of the skin tone, and added lashes.

update Jan. 18

a little more adjusting done on her right eye and chin area, and of course more circulism. It's quite tedious, but fun.



Paulette said...

You're going to do great!

Christine said...

You are a good cheerleader Paulette...lol...I might need your encouragement again soon ;-)

Paulette said...

The Hair looks great!

Christine said...

Thanks Paulette ;-)
Right now I am working on the skin. Update coming soon.

Paulette said...

Wow you are really moving!
It is looking great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine,
this is great!
I'll sit and watch.

Christine said...

Yeah..I am on a roll ;-) better keep on moving while I have some time to complete it. It suppost to be a birthday present and I still need to send it to Germany.

Hi Martina,
nice to see you here...thanks for watching ;-)

Paulette said...

Oh! Christine!
You knocked this one out of the ball park!

Christine said...

Thank you very much Paulette! I am glad it's finished, but I am also sad to see it go. ;-)

Jan said...

This is just terrific, Christine! You took a less-than-perfect photo reference and transformed it into a true work of art!

I'm sure this woman will be VERY pleased!

Christine said...

Thank you Jan for your very kind words! I do hope that she will treasure it.

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