July 23, 2008

Wood Thrush Painting

The leaves didn't turn out good enough and I need to practice drawing them a lot more for sure. Some were worked and reworked several times to the point where the paper just wouldn't cooperate anymore. Guess this one stays with me, and I'll have to do another one for Mom. I wonder if there is a good book or tutorial on drawing leaves available...anybody care to make a recommendation?


Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Christine,

I think your woodthrush is adorable. It is a lovely work.

You mentioned your leaves. I think the drawing of them is fine. I would like to make a suggestion though...you might want to try adding some non-green colour. For example you could try adding some rich plum or violet colour to the darker values. This would tie in nicely with the pink flowers and it would give energy and life to the leaves. Of course you might want to test this out on a spare scrap of paper. Use light pressure and a sharp pencil. You could also try picking up a colour from the bird to use instead of plums or violets. Adding a bit of colour will help to model the leaves and will bring out their depth.

I hope this suggestion is helpful.

Christine said...

Hi Teresa,
thank you for taking the time to comment and give this great tip to improve the leaves! You are absolutely right in your suggestion. I'll definitely try to implement what you have said once I find some time again after the Christmas season to play with my pencils. :-)


Iris Schuhmacher said...

Wonderful painting. May I recommend a great book to you?

Botanical Portraits with Colored Pencils
Ann Swan

Have a look and you can learn easily how to paint leaves.

I just read this by now. Probably you have found a good solution.

Greetings from Germany

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