July 14, 2008

Wood Thrush Painting

Update 1

Bristol Board, 9x12 inches, Prisma CP's and Neocolor II

I am working and learning from the book "Painting Songbirds" by Sherry C. Nelson. It's a book about painting with acrylics, and I tried to translate the colors she uses into the color palette of the prisma pencils on hand.

After having had a dry spell of inspiration lately, finally I am drawing again...wohooo....after this I'll be doing another bird and send them to Mom in Germany. Think she'll like it? Well, better finish it first and not mess it up just before it's done...like I am famous of doing.


Paulette said...

This is beautiful!
Your mother definitely will love it and you have yet to mess up a piece!

Debbi said...

Wow - this is such a sweet and beautiful piece. I hope you finish it as nicely as you've started it!

Christine said...

Thank you Paulette and Debbi! I am working on it some more tonight and hopefully finish it by tomorrow.

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