August 03, 2008


My first pastel painting. I did the Wet Canvas class that Dianne Ponting held there a while back. Here is the link:
This was fun, but pretty messy. I love the richness of the colors that can be achieved with pastels very much and will probably try another subject soon.


~Banjo said...

No way! I thought it was a photo! *claps*
Wow... what an awesome compliment for you... I 'll be stoked if I ever draw something this real *smiles*
Cheers ~Sodapop from drawspace

Christine said...

Thank you so much for your kind words! I think you can do it too by following along the step by step instructions of Diane Ponting. Go, give it a's fun! ;-)

Paulette said...

Wonderful work Christine!

Christine said...

Thank you Paulette!

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