December 19, 2008

Portrait Restoration - Work In Progress

 Update 1

After several month of not having enough time to draw, I finally finished a portrait which was on my drawing board all that time. I was not too excited the way it was going and actually wanted to throw it out. But, not being a quitter continued on with it and ended up with something half decent.
The hair was hard for me to do, and I might revisit this portrait in a few days to see where it can be improved. If anyone with experience and know-how would like to critique...go for it!

The picture is old, yellowed, dirty and slightly faded. The detail in certain areas is fuzzy, especially blown up to a larger size. Detail was missing in clothing. The angle of the light on the face isn't all that pleasing I think. I changed the angle of the pose on purpose, hopefully for the better.


hbedrosian said...

I think the hair came out beautifully! And you worked from a faded photo? Very well done!

Christine said...

Thank you very much for the kudos! ;-))

Anonymous said...

Your picture is stunning..I cant see any problem with the hair and I like the way you have changed the pose a for me.

Jan said...

I think you've done a marvelous job and more so because of the reference. Not many artists would be able to change the pose and still achieve that degree of likeness.
Very well done!

Christine said...

Thanks Vic, for taking the time to comment!

Thanks Jan, your opinion means alot to me! ;-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Christine,
I smiled when I read that you worked from an old, yellowed, dirty and slightly faded photo. The things we do to ourselves! Sometimes these photos are all we have but knowing that doesn't make the work any easier.

Congratulations on pulling it off! You did a great job in changing the pose. Not an easy thing to do!

I send along my deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved cat. I am sure she had a wonderful life with you. This has to be a terrible time. Losing a pet is a very difficult thing to endure. My thoughts are with you.

Christine said...

Thank you Teresa for your nice words! Yes, you are so right! I seem to always choose the most difficult subjects, and seem to live by the motto "why easy when you can make it difficult and complicated" lol....(shaking head at myself)

Thank you also for your words of sympathy! It takes an animal lover to understand how painful it truly is to loose a precious pet. :-)

Paulette said...

Just wanted to say again that this is beautiful work Christine!

Christine said...

Thank you Paulette!... also for the good critique at drawspace!

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