March 12, 2009

Baby Portrait - Work In Progress

 Update 2

Here I worked on the hand holding the baby. This is the first time for me to draw a hand and I must say it was pretty hard to do. Perhaps later I'll have to revisit that area of the drawing. There is just something not quite right yet. Need to figure out how to aproach it in order to make it look more realistic. The original reference photo isn't all that clear there.
Next I'll add the hair, and then polish the overall portrait.


Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Christine, I know I gushed about this piece earlier, but it really is stunning! :-)

With regards to the hand - here is a simple tip that might help. You mentioned that the reference photo isn't too clear. Why not use your own hand as a model? Flip your hand over in a similar position and see if anything jumps out at you that isn't clear in the photo. I think you have done a great job on the shape and details! It is hard to see on the computer screen but I am wondering if maybe you just need to strengthen some lines on the lower part of the thumb/palm. I checked my hand and I have a few significant darker, deeper lines, especially in the areas that bend. Maybe indicating them would help. Depends on what your hand looks like too... :-) Anyway, something to look for.

May I say again that this really is an incredibly beautiful piece?! :-)

Christine said...

Hi Teresa, thank you again for your uplifting and kind comments! I appreciate your input on this very much and take notes. ;o )

I did end up darkening the lines on the hand some, but still need to work on it a little more. Who would have thought that drawing a hand is so difficult. I'll update soon.
Thanks again my friend!

Jan said...

I think this is progressing beautifully in spite of the problem with the hand. Teresa's advice sounds good. Hands are notoriously difficult for some reason, but I'm sure you'll get it right!

Christine said...

Thanks Jan for your uplifting encouraging words! :- )

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