April 07, 2009

Woman's Head & Shoulder Portrait - Work In Progress

I am hoping to do a commission here and there and need to fill my portfolio for potential customers (or is it clients??) to see what I would produce. Most of my works so far, that where any decent, have been either given away or sold. The original photo here is from my own stash of work I did while in Photography school.
I am working with Fabriano hot pressed paper and the size of the drawing will be 9x12". (a cropped head and shoulder version)

©  Christine Perry 2007

Update 1

I must say that for the first try Fabriano hotpressed watercolor paper is amazing and I really really like it alot for graphite work. It takes darkes rather well, erases like a charm, and shows nice tonal transitions. I'll definitely work with it some more in the future. It's similar (but better) to Stonehenge paper which was my favorite for some time for graphite.

Progress update coming shortly.


Jan said...

I think this is going to be your usual fantastic job, Christine! You're going to have an enviable portfolio!

Christine said...

Thank you Jan! You are too kind! :o )

Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful and sensitive rendering Christine! Cant wait to see this unfold.

Christine said...

Thank you Melody! I hope not to disappoint. ;o )

pencilportraits said...

fantastic start to this

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