July 08, 2009

Baby Portrait Update

Here is a little update, just so you know I am working ;o ) About 25 + hours in and it's starting to take shape, although the contour modeling is not finished yet. I am just so slow, it's not even funny. Need to work on my speed a bit, but usually when I speed up my strokes it gets messy and that's not pretty. OK, back to work. Update coming soon.


Teresa Mallen said...

Yummy Christine! Hey, when it comes to quality speed isn't important. So don't mess up your stroke, take your time...we will wait...builds anticipation! :-)

Jan said...

I don't think you're slow, you're just so meticulous and turn out such quality work which just takes time. This is looking good!

Krista Hasson said...

This is looking awesome! It doesn't matter how long it takes you to get there, as long as you get there!

Dors said...

Beautiful work Christine as always.
Look forward to your next update.

Laure Ferlita said...

This is coming along beautifully! If there's no deadline looming, the time you're taking will be well worth the effort!

eidolons said...

It looks great, Christine! It's a little strange to look at, since I'm so used to the photograph (with the background mess and all).

Please don't think I'm criticizing, because I'm not. I think you're doing a fabulous job. Maybe it's the scanning, maybe it's too early in the picture's development, but it looks a little more like he's grimacing and less like he's grinning. I've looked back and forth from the drawing to the photo and can't place what it is. Maybe it's all in my head? Maybe it's just the lack of background - like an optical illusion?

*biggest of hugs* You're doing a remarkable job!

Christine said...

LOL Teresa...I'll try. ;o )

Jan, thank you for your continued support and affirmations!! :o )

Hi Krista, thank you for your nice comment! :o )

Dors, thank you so much! Coming from a master of the pencil, that means much! ;o )

Hi Laura, thank you for your compliment! No, fortunately no time constraints. There is a time during drawing a portrait that I want to get to the finish line to quickly and have to consciously slow myself down. It's a good learning experience. ;o )

Melissa, thank you for pointing out your concerns! Be assured that no part of the portrait is finished yet and this stage is but an in-between. I am still building layers and that gleeful smile will hopefully come through. I have attached the cropped version of the original picture, so that others can see what you where talking about. If you think that I have missed the boat, so to speak, completely with this please let me know now...I don't want you to be unhappy with your portrait. ;o )

Jan said...

Just popped in to see if you had an update and was reading all the comments.

Lol, eidolons, is this your child? What a happy little cutie! It's so hard to "see" the finished drawing/painting when it's at this stage - hang in there and watch as it comes to life! That usually doesn't happen til it's almost finished. I know Christine puts hours and hours into a portrait and each layer must be built upon another. It's really soooo time-consuming. I wouldn't do human graphite drawings for anything - no matter how much an artist is paid, a graphite portrait is very undervalued for the time and effort involved. Give me animals and pastels or paint any day!

It's coming right along, Christine! Can't wait for an update!

Carolina said...

You're doing so well... and I insist, that little face is so adorable...
It's amazing how long it takes to finish a piece of art like this, but I totally understand, your results are impressive.
Best regards,

*Myrarte* said...

There is a small gift for you on my blog

Christine said...

Jan, hopefully an update is coming shortly. Stay tuned ;o )

Carolina, yes, it does take a long time....for me at least. There are artists who can whip through a drawing pretty fast though, but they use a different technique usually.

Myrarte, thank you! I'll go and check it out now. ;o )

eidolons said...

Christine - I totally trust you, you're the artist after all! I couldn't draw myself out of a wet paper bag (as they say) with a flashlight and detailed directions.

Jan - Yes, that's my Imp. I totally understand. Christine is a genius and has more talent than I could ever imagine. And the fact that she's doing this at all for me is an honor that I don't take lightly.

Gary Keimig said...

What a great start. How is it coming?
Sure is a cute little guy

Christine said...

Melissa, LOL that is a funny word picture! I've never heard that saying before.
Did you say genius?? Far, far from it..LOL I hope to not disappoint you with this drawing. I am trying hard to get that gleamy-eyed look, but it seems to elude me to get it just right. But, I'll keep trying until either I got it, or the paper won't cooperate anymore...LOL

Hi Gary, thank you for the comment! Let's just say....I should be taking up crocheting
;o )
Naw, it's not that bad, but this portrait for some reason is difficult for me to get just right. I'll get there eventually and learn a bunch new tricks, I am sure, along the way. :o )

Jan said...

Just go with it, Christine! I think it's fighting you because you care so much about getting it right. I know what a perfectionist you are so just relax and let it out of the paper! So many times I really struggle with the (pet) portraits for people I care about but the ones I do for myself seem to just flow.

That is a cute little baby and I'm sure he is a great inspiration to you knowing your love of children. Relax, on your worst day you're a thousand times better than the average graphite artist!

Christine said...

Dear Jan, what a lovely and uplifting comment! Thank you for caring and for what you said! :o )

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