July 03, 2009

Baby Portrait

Here is my newest WIP. Every drawing seems to have an ugly stage, and this is it right now for this drawing. There are several adjustments which still need to be made, i.e. mouth and eyes especially. They are not quite right yet. Then, of course, there will be more contour modeling, etc. I am working with 5h,3h,hb, F,2b,4b mechanical pencils on smooth Bristol. I don't care for this smooth paper and feel like I am fighting it constantly. Several times I have wanted to just ditch this drawing and start over again...but, I am stubborn and not a quitter, so I press on and see how it will turn out in the end. Update coming soon...hopefully.

Wishing all of my American friends a good and safe 4th of July!! May we never take our freedoms for granted! Cheers! ;o )


Colette Theriault said...

AAAhh, he's going to be lovely Christine!

Hannah said...

I like it so far...can't wait to see the finished results! :)

eidolons said...

Ahh! I'm excited!
The Elf was amazed that you drew that. He thought it was the photo edited and made black and white! (:

Kelley said...

Looking good so far!
How do you feel that you are "fighting" the smooth paper?

Christine said...

Thank you Colette! I hope he will turn out well...although I am not feeling as confident this time. We'll see
;o )

Hannah, thank you for your lovely comment, and for watching!!
;o )

Melissa, tell the lil Elf "thank you" from me. This is a great compliment!
I hope I can do your little one justice and show his sweet character. What a great expression he has in the photo! Let me know when you see if I am off somewhere. ;o )

Kelly, thank you for your comment! I am used to working with a Vellum type paper and feel that it takes the graphite with more ease, and I can achieve a smoother appearance of the skin much easier with my technique. The smooth paper gives a blotchy appearance and I have to constantly fix those areas. ;o )

Carolina said...

Hi Christine!
You're doing so beautifully with this portrait. Hope to see it finished soon (that baby face is lovely)
Best regards,

Teresa Mallen said...

I seem to have trouble leaving a comment on your blog these days but I shall try again...You are doing a fabulous job Christine!! No ugly stage here. The eyes and mouth are great and I especially like the nose and the area above the mouth. Absolutely beautiful. It is going to be another stunning baby piece!!! Hang in there Christine!

Christine said...

Carolina, thank you for watching and commenting! Friendly comments like yours keep me energized and want to do my very best. ;o )

Teresa, I am sorry about the posting problems. I think the key is to be logged in to your Google account before posting. Someone else had also problems posting before. Maybe I am changing it back to pop-up window.
Thank you for your uplifting and encouraging words! I appreciate them!! :o)

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