August 23, 2009

Harvest ATC

ATC - Color Pencil
Nothing spectacular, just something I did for the 'Harvest' Quest at the DAWG Group
I like to draw with color pencils almost as much as with graphite, but haven't had
as much experience in that medium yet. This was fun to draw and I'll have to explore this
medium a little more.


Teresa Mallen said...

Ah, the satisfaction of harvest time. I am harvesting oodles of garden veggies these days and I am always amazed at the yield one gets from a single seed. Great values on the blueberries and gosh I like all those veins in the leaves!

Jan said...

You do so well in any medium, Christine, and this is no exception. I'm with Teresa and just marvel at the amount of produce a single seed provides. We fall so short of sowing and harvesting according to the promises of God, yet He always compares our harvest to that of a natural harvest!

Carolina said...

Oh! Welcome! this is lovely, hope to see more cp's work soon :)

Elise said...

Just wanted to stop by to say how much I enjoyed reading this post & to say hello. You have a great blog and really interesting photo's too. Best wishes and thank you for sharing...

Christine said...

Hi Teresa, I agree...Harvest time is always something special. I remember as a child digging potatoes on a huge planted field, alongside my girlfriend, who's parents owned the farm. It was such a great time, and I remember those times fondly.
Thanks for your nice words about the leaves...I had to soften them quite a bit, because I overdid the lines

Thanks Jan! You are so right. I love how we can see the Father's lessons and messages in all of His creation. He is amazing and wonderful!

Hi Carolina, maybe soon I'll do another piece in cp. I am kinda playing with idea of doing a childs portrait in cp. We'll see. ;o )

Hello Elise, I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment! Thank you very much for the compliments about my blog and pictures! I ventured over to see your site and must say Ballet is truly interesting and beautiful. What an exciting thing to be able to dance so beautifully and make a living doing it.
Stop by again sometime. :o )

Paulette said...

First off I can't find the link to your Etsy store. I know you'll want to fix that. (unless I am blind :P )

This is a great ATC, nice composition, texture and lighting.

Congratulations on winning the contest! You deserve it with that excellent baby picture!

I hope your home study went well!

Paulette said...

Oh I also wanted to tell you to check out your profile, the link for this blog is screwed up.

Christine said...

Thanks Paulette for letting me know! Also, thank you for the kudos!! ;o )

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