May 29, 2010

Child Head & Shoulder Portrait

Finally, it's completed and photographed!!! Actually, it has been completed for quite some time. Unfortunately our new scanner doesn't like this picture for some reason and does not want to scan the values correctly. I am sure there must be something that can be done for graphite images to read correctly. Maybe it's just a bad scanner we've bought. The portrait does look better when you look at it in real life.
This portrait presented quite a challenge for me because of poor reference quality. The photo had been shot with frontal flash, washing out important features. Therefore, I am not completely happy with this outcome. From now on I will be more picky about the references I will draw from, as it's not very much fun to have to strain ones eyes to observe critical information. It was another good opportunity though to learn, for which I am grateful!

We have had lot's of stressful things going on lately in our lifes and my blog was moved in priorities down the list a bit. Some of you who stay in touch with me regularly know why I haven't been updating my blog lately. I do appreciate all of you who follow this blog and who give valuable comments and input!


Anonymous said...

You have done this beautifully Christie, the white teddy really makes the picture the pop and brings the whole thing together.

sue said...

The end result is lovely Christine. I sympathise re. the scan frustrations. I usually photograph graphite drawings and spend almost as long 'tweaking' the photo as I do on the original drawing :o)

Christine said...

Hi Vic, thanks for your comment! I had never drawn a teddy bear before. In order for the teddy to stand out I had to darken the background a little bit.I am glad to hear you like it!! :o)

Thank you, Sue! Like you, I had to tweak this portrait in PS also to show as close as possible how it looks in real life. To bad I don't have a darkroom available to me anymore, because I could get excellent results with good old film photography. :o)

Carolina said...

Hola Christine,
Sometimes life doesn't let us be in the blogosphere :) But that's OK, we're here.
Your portrait ended up very nice, that hug looks so real. The boy seems to care a lot for that teddy bear.
And congratulations on all your projects! I have checked your web site and I really liked it. Very pro!
A big hug,

Christine said...

Hola Caroline,

Thank you!!! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my website! It's still a work in progress and just at the beginning stages. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Really great concept. I love the innocence of it.

My blog is just getting off teh ground- I'd love to have some of your feedback. Blessings!

Jan said...

This is beautiful, Christine! I too, sympathize with scanning artwork. The sanded surfaces are the worst for me.

Can't wait to see the new site filled and finished! It looks great so far!

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