June 30, 2010

Chihuahua Head Study - Work In Progress

A new project of our 4 lb Chihuahua Pepe. He's a daddies boy. This drawing will be a birthday gift to my hubby. As in my previous post, the scan is just awful, and I had to adjust in PS to make it look more like IRL....it's still not showing here the way it really looks, but it'll have to do for now. More to come soon.

Edited to add....
Dimensions: 11"x14"
Paper: Strathmore Bristol vellum
Pencils: 2H, F, HB, 2B


Katherine Thomas said...

This is gorgeous. I so admire the soft blending and the contrast that you achieve with pencils. It's really special. Pepe's eyes are amazing. They show so much emotion. Thanks for sharing this!

Christine said...

Thank you Katherine! I appreciate your kind words!!
There will be several more updates until this is finished. :)

Anonymous said...

Really great job with this! Pepe looks so delicate. By the way if the scanner isn't doing the best job, maybe a photo could do a better job. Or, maybe not- just a thought.

Christine said...

Thanks Notorious J.O.E.! I appreciate your thoughts and comments!! :)

TheWikiBoy said...

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