October 05, 2010

Head & Shoulder Portrait Study - Work In Progress

Update 1

Fabriano Artistico, cream color
size when finished 11"x14" matted, with an image size of approximately 8"x10"
Faber Castell wood pencils - 4h,2h,f,hb,2b,4b
so far I have been using 4h,2h,f grades

This first update represents 3 days of work. I had to stop myself this evening for a few minutes to take this progress photo. Drawing a knitted sweater is a first for me. I was hesitant to even attempt it but, as it turns out, it is actually much fun to draw.
More progress photos will be coming soon.


sue said...

Looking forward to seeing this 'emerge' the knitwear is looking beautifully delicate and must have been hard on the eyes :o)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sue. I'm looking forward to seeing the development on this one.

Not to sure I'd have the patience to do a knitted sweater.... -Joe

Jan said...

My goodness, Christine! The knit pattern is meticulous! The whole drawing is going to be beautiful!

Christine said...

Thanks everyone! It's coming along, and I will post an update soon. Right now I am working on the shading of the face and then I'll continue with the sweater. I had put the cart in front of the horse there for a moment, just because I was anxious to get started on the knit to see if I can do it. ;-)

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