March 21, 2011

Girl Head Study

I think I'll call this finished. It has been quite a learning experience with this new paper and technique, but I think I am gonna like it after all. Just takes getting used to and developing a system of working with the right kind of pencils and in the right way.


Katherine Thomas said...

Wow! I'd say you have done a brilliant job of 'working with the right pencils in the right way'.

Jan said...

Oh, Christine! It turned out lovely! I'm sure the parents are thrilled with this.

Christine said...

Katherine, LOL...thank you very much!

Jan, thank you for being a never ending source of encouragement for me! I hope they'll like it. They haven't seen it yet.

Dors said...

Beautiful job Christine. I'm really interested in the 5 pencil method and have been watching a lot of his site videos and reading his works.

Great job.

Christine said...

Thank you, Dors! If you go to Darrel Tank's site, make sure to not forget to sign up for the free course he offers. This is the basis you'll need to proceed with the 5pm. Then, after that you'll get updated.

Christine said...

What I meant to say is: You'll get updates in your e-mail.

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