April 10, 2011

American Hero Portrait

Coming soon

I am very honored to shortly begin work on a portrait of  Spc. Dustin J. Harris, KIA 4-6-06, Bayji Iraq.
You can view his Legacy page here


Jan said...

That's so wonderfully generous and so very like you, Christine. God bless you!

Dors said...

A wonderful gesture Christine.

My son inlaw was in Afghanistan. We have him home again now. My heart goes out to the families that lost their loved one.

It's so kind of you. Bless you.

Christine said...

Thanks to both of you! I haven't done anything yet...;-) Hopefully there will be a response, but if not I'll try again another time. ;-)

Gene Arguelles said...

Christine, you know how I feel about this subject. You are my hero of the day, girl. If you don't mind, I'm going to repost this everywhere I can, including some of the veteran groups i belong to.

Christine said...

I don't mind at all. I appreciate you offering to get the word out! :-) Maybe it would be best to re-post this to one site at first, and then, if need be, to others.
Thank you Gene! ;-)

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