June 03, 2011

American Hero Portrait - Work In Progress

Update 1

Here is my first update on Spec Dustin Harris' Portrait drawing. This is just the beginning layer of graphite; no area is finished yet. Next update coming soon.


Dors said...

A great start Christine. Look forward to seeing the updates.

Jan said...

Yaaaay! You're back with an update - looking good, my friend! I know his parents are thrilled to have you do this.

Christine Perry | Graphite Portraits said...

Hi Dors, thank you so much! :)

Hi Jan, I appreciate your words. Thank you! I hope they'll like it when it's finished. ;-)

Kelley said...

Looks great, especially the hair. Nice job!

Katherine Thomas said...

You have a magical way with eyes. They are always spectacular. I enjoy seeing your work!

Christine Perry | Graphite Portraits said...

Kelley, I really appreciate you saying that, because the hair was hard for me to do. So, thanks!! ;-)

Katherine, thank you so much for that nice compliment! It means much. ;-)

Carolina said...

Hi Christine,
You're doing such a great job so far... thanks for sharing your process
Un abrazo,

Christine Perry | Graphite Portraits said...

Thank you for stopping by Carolina! I appreciate it!! :-)

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