July 08, 2011

American Hero Portrait - Work In Progress

 Update 4

I've got a little more facial sculpting done and worked on the neck area some. Next update will show more of the background in the drawing.


Teresa Mallen said...

Fabulous Christine! Such wonderful subtle gradations in his skin tones. Something special comes across when I look at him - your loving heart. Somehow I can sense what these portraits mean to you. Beautiful.

sue said...

Beautifully sensitive work Christine.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Teresa, it is so good to hear from you again!!! You were missed. :)

Thank you so very much for those kind words! You are right, this portrait is one of the most important ones I have done to date. As you might remember, doing this kind of work has been on my mind and heart for a long time now. Hopefully I will get the chance to do more down the road for families who have had to make the greatest sacrifice anyone could ever make, for the freedom we enjoy.

I am glad you are back!! :)

Sue, I appreciate you stopping by and leaving me a comment! It means much. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great Christine. So nice to see Dustin's face come to life again. Today i was in a PGR Flag line for a Fallen Hero that came back Home to Maine after 66 years Lt Robert Emerson died in a plane crash over Cebu Island in the Philippines in 1945 Welcome Home Robert God Bless.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Hi Jimmy, I am glad you like it so far! :)

I must tell you that having intently looked at Dustin's face to achieve the best possible likeness, I feel like I know him...his face has become dear to me.

Not many more updates and the portrait will be ready. I so appreciate your patience! :)

It must be a happy day for the family of Lt.Robert Emerson to finally have him home after all those years. 66 years is such a long time.

Jan said...

So glad to see this update, Christine. You are doing a wonderful job with this handsome man and I can't wait to see it finished!

Like Teresa, I know what these portraits mean to you, bless you for them.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

I appreciate that dear friend! :)

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