January 17, 2012

Horse Graphite Portrait

© Christine Perry
My newest drawing just recently completed.  This graphite portrait was done for a dear friend of mine of her horse Bonnie who passed over the rainbow bridge a while back.  I enjoyed drawing this portrait, and it gives me great pleasure to know it will be treasured by my friend.  I just got word that she received it, so now I can finally post it here on my blog.

As some of you know,  Charles and I recently became parents to one amazing little boy.  He was born in China and spent the first 2 years of his life in an orphanage. We are so happy to be his parents and so look forward to seeing him grow and develop to his full potential.  This leaves me with very little time right now to draw as much as I would like, but  I will update this blog and share my new work when I can.



eidolons said...

Christine! I'm so excited for you! Enjoy that little boy - he's so lucky to have parents like you and Charles. (:

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you so much, Melissa! Our little guy has enriched our life's so much, and it is our privilege to be his mama and dadda. He is one amazing lil' dude. LOL
Hope you and your family are doing well! :)

Lynda Schumacher said...

Lovely drawing, Christine......and big congrats on becoming parents.

Anonymous said...

Super drawing Christine, I am sure that your friend will be over the moon with it.Congrats on becoming a new mum and dad, life is gonna be extra interesting now as he grows up.

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Christine, I just want to tell you again (& again & again) how much this portrait of my Bonnie means to us. It's wonderful and I'm so blessed to have you for a friend!

I know you and Charles are thrilled to be parents and while we miss your posts, we know how important it is to you to be a good mommy! Congratulations!

Doreen Cross said...

Congratulations Christine to you and Charles. I am so thrilled for you and I know you have been waiting a long time for your baby. Have a wonderful life together. Hope we get to see some photos of your son.
Bonnie looks magnificent and Jan is so excited. A lovely gesture from you to Jan.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you Linda! :)

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thanks Vic! :)

Life has never been more fun and laughter filled than it is now with our little munchkin. :)

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Jan, thank you so much for your comment! I am also blessed to call you friend. You have been very generous with us when you sent the gift for Chase. :)

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you, Dors!

You are right, we waited a looong time for a child. All in all, we have waited to become parents for 25 years, but for this adoption it took 6 years. :)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

I just met Jan a week ago and she gave me her card...which I promptly forgot about. Rediscovering it this morning, I visited her blog and read the story about the treasure you created for her. How blessed I know she must be by your generosity. And how blessed YOU must be by your new addition. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!
Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you Liz for stopping by, and for your lovely comment!
I am indeed blessed beyond measure, and thank God for what he has done in our life's. He has brought us together from different corners of the world, and made us a unique family. ;-)

Anonymous said...


I check on your blog now and again so glad to see that you and Charles are so Happy with your little one Chase. Life has a strange way of doing things at times. Thanks for the nice pictures of the little one he looks so happy and full of Joy. I have them right next to Dustin's.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I feel honored that you display Chase's picture along side Dustin's. :) Considering after what Chase has gone through in his short 2 years of life, it is quite amazing that he is such a happy child. We feel that he is very pleased to now have a mom and dad who love him so much and take care of him. Sometimes he'll take my hand and press it against his lips and then sighs. It is such a sweet tender thing which touches my heart deep down.
I hope things are going well for you and the family! Hope to hear from you again soon! :) Blessings, Christine

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