April 14, 2012

Bichon Frise Headstudy - Work In Progress

Update 2
© Christine Perry - Fine Art Graphite Portraits

Here I have worked more on fur and background.  I still need to continue building depth and contrast in the fur. Then work more on the nose, eyes, and mouth, as well as making the background darker.


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Hey Christine! So good to see you back at the drawing board! It appears that we're of the same mind when it comes to small, white dogs! lol

Can't wait to see more of this!

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

LOL...you are right, Jan. We even got the pose almost identical.
I just can't stay away from drawing something, even if it's just a few scribbles here and there. I had to think of something to be able to draw on the go, so I made myself a lightweight portable drawing board, and so now I am not bound to the studio anymore. ;-)

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