June 23, 2012

Close-up Graphite Portrait


The first layers are applied on the shirt in some areas, but I still have a way to go by adding more layers until it reaches the depth of tone desired.  I am also doing a bit of touching up all over, to refine the drawing further.  But, I am definitely in the home stretch.  


Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

This is wonderful as usual, Christine! It looks as if you've made some real progress.
Are you getting drowned out with all the rain there?

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thanks, Jan! It's all coming together at the end, as always. :)

We've had several days of heavy rain, which brought down quite a few trees in town, falling on the roads. Thankfully nobody was hurt, as far as I know.

Hope you are doing well!

Remrov said...

This is a wonderful portrait. I really love how photorealistic it is!

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thank you, Remrov, for taking the time to write! I appreciate your comment. :-)

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