July 13, 2012

Close-up Graphite Portrait

" John" 

After many late nights working on this beautiful child's drawing, I have finally completed the portrait.
It was a joy to draw and I learned a lot with this image. Thanks for following along!




sue said...

How can it not be well received its lovely work Christine. They'll be over the moon I'm sure.

ps: I'm on a crusade now re. the irritating Captcha codes on Blogger. Blog authors don't know they are activated unless told by followers. I've removed my today at the request of several followers. Check my today's post if you want to see how to remove it from yours.

Jan/PetsToPosies.com said...

Christine,this is beautiful! You have done your usual awesome job!

Country Whispering said...

You have done a fabulous job, Christine! You are so very gifted in this area.
If I were going to have a portrait done, you'd be my choice to do so, hands down!

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Thanks Sue! I'll look into it and get it removed. Thanks for bringing it to attention.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Jan, I appreciate your constant support of my work! :-)

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Rebecca, wow, thank you so much for your vote of confidence! I am honored by your kind words.

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

Sue, I removed the captcha code for one day and got promptly spammed. I have since put it back in place. If there is some other way around it to have no codes and not get spammed, please let me know.

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