August 12, 2012

Graphite Portrait - Head and Shoulder

"Kaylyn", work in progress

My newest piece on the drawing board....I am trying out a different approach from previous drawings I have done.  Usually the eyes was the first thing I focused on to bring life to a portrait quickly, but I am finding with this piece that focusing on the light and shading of the skin first, there is less distraction.  So far I am liking this new approach, but we will see how it develops.  It's possible that after a few layers of 4h and 6h, I'll add the eyes then. Stay tuned for more updates....


sue said...

Interesting to see how you feel about the 'different' approach to this drawing.

I have to put the eyes in first - I find it too spooky to have those empty eye sockets :-)

Its going to be another lovely portrait I'm sure

Christine Perry | Graphite Art said...

LOL...Sue, I know what you mean, it does look a bit spooky.

I am completing the laying down of the lighting pattern as my foundation, and after that will then work on the eyes to give the portrait life.

Right now I am still trying to find my unique approach of "doing it my way" which I then can use to work in a consistent and dependable manner, which hopefully will work for me to not only produce portraits of quality but also speed. ;-)

Jan/ said...

I've tried waiting to put in the eyes but find that so much more distracting. I think it's because it just doesn't feel that there's any progress for me doing it that way.

I'm sure you'll find your own style and method of working. I've never seen a bad portrait from you!

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