I was just here looking at all your work. Its absolutely stunning!


Hey Christine, I'm new to your blog, and let me tell you that you are awesome. I wish I knew how to draw like that! I'll keep coming back for more, your work is just amazing!
Oh... and By the way, would you give me some advice on how can I improve my drawings?

- Best wishes, TheWikiBoy


I love your work Christine and wish you much success in all you do!


Christine, You really captured Erin's likeness and even her personality without ever meeting her. You did an amazing job! Tracey 


 Wow, Christine it is gorgeous!
We both love it and are in awe! The details are so good, it is a perfect likeness! I can’t wait to show it to Pei-Pei tomorrow. I will share her reaction with you.
We are looking forward to framing it and placing it in our home.
We are very grateful – and you are fast!
All my best,

Hey, that's me! It is better than I ever knew!
- Carina, age 5


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